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Questions Which Cannot Be Answered.....



Friday, June 26, 2009

Efforts of P.S Prabhakaran , Founder President, Prasar Bharati SC/ST Association ,Chennai. ..Jai Ho

Friday, June 19, 2009

PSWA & AUPO - Joint Meeting

Minutes of the Co-ordination Committee Meeting of the Association of UPSC recruited Programme Officers of AIR& Doordarshan (AUPO) and the Programme Staff Welfare Association(PSWA )held on 16th June 2009 in Broadcasting House, New Delhi.

An emergency meeting of PSWA and AUPO was held in All India Radio Broadcasting House, New Delhi on 16th June 2009. The meeting was held in view of a large number of direct recruit Programme Officers from PEX upwards all over the country expressing their deep anguish over the inordinate delay in holding of the review DPCs and DPCs for the JTS grade of IB(P)S as per the directions of the Hon’ble Courts . The meeting also discussed that the delay in conducting review DPC/DPCs was directly linked to the large scale recruitment/promotion scam in the Programme cadre of All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Members across the board expressed their deep indignation and unequivocally condemned the fact that Programme Executives recruited by UPSC have not got a single promotion for 20-27 years and are being forced to serve under persons engaged on contract and illegally inducted into programme cadre in violation of all norms and statutory rules.

Some vital documents obtained through RTI recently by the Associations pointing to a full blown recruitment /promotion scam in the department were also placed before the members. The documents show how hundreds of illegal appointees such as present day Science Officers etc (serving as i/c DDG ) were inducted into the programme cadre in violation of the Cabinet Approved MIB Regularisation Scheme of 1982 and the Statutory Recruitment Rules.

Members expressed their anxiety with the pace of progress in resolving the issue, in spite of some interactions/meetings being held at the highest levels of Administration and their positive intentions to remove illegalities. It was also observed that some subordinate officials are adopting obstructionist and dilatory tactics to delay the efforts to resolve the matter as they appeared to have a nexus with the illegal appointees.

In view of the above, Members decided that this long term injustice should not be allowed to continue and the following decisions were taken unanimously:

a. It was resolved that if there was no concrete progress to resolve the illegal interpolations of ineligible contractual persons into the seniority lists of the Programme Executives and the encadered Staff Artist before the next date of the Contempt Petition –i.e 2nd July 2009 – a three day “Calling Attention” sit in Satyagraha Dharna would be conducted at all major selected Capital Stations to coincide with the Budget Session of the Parliament. Hon’ble Members of Parliament would also be requested to raise the issue during Zero Hour.

b. Representatives from different parts of the country shall also congregate in New Delhi and sit on fast to peacefully register the protest.

c. It was resolved that, meanwhile joint delegations of both the Associations shall meet CEO, Secretary, Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Ministers of State for Information & Broadcasting, Members of Parliament etc, to seek their urgent intervention in the matter.

d. It was also resolved that, as a Confidence Building Measure, DG,AIR , CEO and Secretary(I&B) should be requested to take concrete steps to remove persons illegally interpolated in the Programme Cadre to ensure that the law of the land prevails .As an interim, all administrative powers should be immediately withdrawn from those illegal appointees holding high and senior positions in the Programme cadre, pending the conduct of review DPCs, so as to avoid abuse of authority .

e. Failing which members will be constrained to not take any orders, instructions etc from these officers and shall not submit their ACRs etc. to these illegal appointees.

f. It was resolved to request the Deptt and the Ministry to revoke all DPCs from STS up to SAG Production grades of IBPS conducted after March 26th 2004, as these DPCs failed to include those from Programme Executives cadre who are eligible as per statutory rules for Production posts of IBPS and as held by the Principal Bench of CAT on 26th March 2004.

g. It was resolved to request the DG, CEO and Secretary to fast track an enquiry for finding out the facts and circumstances including the conspiracy and collusion angles leading to the illegal inclusion and the continuous further elevations to higher posts of a large number of erstwhile contractual employees who were not covered by the statutory rule and whose appointments were outside the purview of Art 309.

h. It was resolved that CEO should be requested to take disciplinary action against officials who had been /or are adopting obstructionist and dilatory tactics.

i. It was decided that , the issue of recruitment scam shall be taken up with the PMO, Members of the consultative committee, CVC and CBI.

j. It was also resolved that the matter be highlighted through Press and media channels to draw the attention of whole nation to the unprecedented plight of the DR Officers of the Public Service broadcasters.

k. Members also decided that the DoP&T, Cabinet Secretary to be approached to request that pending the conducting of the review DPC/DPCs and all consequential benefits being given to the Programme Executives, no cadre review should be done for the IB(P)S and the recent scheme of parity with the IAS should also not be implemented as these would further institutionalize benefits to the persons illegally holding higher posts.

Pramod Mehtaa L.S. Bajpayee
President, PSWA Convenor, AUPO

Monday, June 15, 2009

PSA's Crimes Continue

PSWA-PM/009/2009 15/06/09

To To
The Hon’ble Minister for I&B The CEO
Ministry of I&B Prasar Bharati
Shastri Bhavan PTI Building,
New Delhi. New Delhi-1.

The Secretary The Chairman
Ministry of I&B UPSC
Shastri Bhavan Shahjahan Road
New Delhi. New Delhi

The Secretary All Members,
DOP&T Prasar Bharati Shahjahan PTI Building,
New Delhi New Delhi-10001.

Subject: Request for stopping /keeping in abeyance of cadre review to IBPS and feeder cadre and also the Scheme of equating organized services like IBPS with the IAS , until the outcome of ongoing enquiries regarding hundreds of illegal recruitments/promotions to gazetted posts (from Pex to SAG) in the Programme Cadre of AIR and DD resulting in large scale recruitment scam and also pending review DPCs in programme cadre from 1982 to 1989 and 1990 onwards .

Respected Madam/ Sir,
At the time of the Cadre Review meetings this association has clearly pointed out that the Cadre review should be undertaken only after the long pending review DPCs in the programme cadre are held. Further, it was also pointed out by this Association that through RTIs and other documents sufficient evidence and documents had been given to the Department that showed that there had been large scale recruitment scam and promotions of illegal persons to the IBPS. Whereas , the records of UPSC and SSC recruited programme personnel are available in the Department , even basic records including mode of entry , appointment details, qualifications at the time of appointment, background etc of hundreds of other personnel who have been inducted /interpolated in the programme cadre at various periods are strangely not available. It is also understood that there are even cases where from one family, fifty persons have been engaged on contract and then regularized. Further, AIR and Doordarshan is the only organization , where persons engaged without any specialized qualification or knowledge or training for 72 days in a year , have then been regularized as Trexs and granted the payscale of Group B gazetted Officers (6500-10500). Similarly , persons engaged on monthly contract in 1983/1984 such as existing DDGi/cs like Sh. H.K. Pani, Smt Deepa Chandra and Smt Aparna Vaish were directly inducted into Class I service flouting all statutory rules. Even the fitment of contractual employee , Sh. G. Jaylal (who served as Acting DG,AIR) into Class I service (Pex selection grade) was done illegally as UPSC recruited Programme Executives with similar or more qualifications had as per rules to complete at least 11 years regular service in the grade of Pex to become Pex Selection grade. Records show that Sh. Jaylal was wrongly fitted as Pex (selection grade) from the date of his joining on contract as at the same time, UPSC recruited Programme Executives could not become PEX selection grade even after completing 25 years of regular service in the grade of Pex! Such largesse given to Sh. Jaylal was done by violating statutory norms and by granting him undue benefits whereas even SC/ST Pexs recruited with similar or more qualifications by UPSC were denied their rightful dues. Sh. Jaylal, Sh. Pani, Smt Aparna Vaish, and Smt Deepa Chandra were also illegally made ASDs retrospectively from 1986. There are many such cases that will surface under the eyes of the enquiry committee.
This Association appreciates the efforts of Sh. B.S. Lalli, CEO, Prasar Bharati , to set right many wrong things in AIR and Doordarshan specially by ordering an impartial enquiry regarding illegal recruitments/promotions to the posts of JTS to SAG of the IBPS. Action initiated in this matter by both DDG(A), AIR Sh. Raj Kamal and GM(P) Shri P.K. Pathak is also acknowledged and appreciated.
It is however learnt that due to vested interests operating at different levels and under the pressure of the illegal DDGs/Directors of the Programme cadre - there is a move to finalise cadre review proposal by ignoring the above mentioned facts with the specific motive and intention of further complicating the enquiries and review DPC’s related works.
It is also learnt that DG:AIR is trying to implement the scheme equating IBPS and other organized services with the IAS (subject to a 2 year gap) though they are aware that the immediate implementation of this scheme for the programme cadre (without conducting the pending review DPCs ordered by Hon’ble Courts and prior to the outcome of the enquiry on the recruitment /promotion scam) would amount to once again giving give further “undue” benefits to illegal and ineligible persons interpolated into the IBPS.
In the circumstances, this Association reiterates it demand that the both the Cadre Review and equation with IAS scheme be stopped immediately and kept in abeyance until the completion of the enquiry referred to above and the pending review DPCs from 1982-1989 and 1990 onwards in the Programme cadre of AIR and DD. It would indeed be a travesty of justice that illegal persons continue to reap benefits , while a major portion of the regular programme cadre recruited through UPSC are stagnating for 27 years in the same grade.
It is requested that DG:AIR, the cadre controlling authority for AIR and Doordarshan should be directed to refrain from implementing the IAS Scheme in the programme cadre and from changing the cadre structure of existing IBPS Rules1990 until the completion of pending review DPCs/outcome of enquiries related to the recruitment/promotion scam in the programme cadre.
Yours sincerely,

Pramod Mehtaa.
President PSWA
Copy to : -
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
Hon’ble Vice President of India .
CEO, Prasar Bharati
Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India.
CVO, Prasar Bharati
All DDGs .
Notice Board