Monday, September 14, 2009

Salute to Shri Niwas Sharma & his efforts

Friends, though i have no communication skill in english bt due to sudden death of Mr Sharma we have a great set back to movment of justice bt what his family has lost we cant understand. I always observe in Delhi there is crowed of employees of other cadres who have been appointed on comashnate grounds dispite no RRs. Our true help will be that when we will able to adjust his family members in AIR or DD. Pls manage your contacts for his family. Further , regarding review DPC ,I understand tht nothing seems to be positive only due to our peple coverdness. People want results on the basis of telephone calls. If realy want some thing huge leagal fund has to be created only thn some positive can be expected though courts. ........... Pramod Mehtaa