Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess, who has written this to me & many others as Rohit Malhotra ? Time is with those people who hve d courage to fly, Not with those who stand on th ground & watch the sky- Pramod Mehtaa

Unknown Rohit Malhotra's email to me----

Dear All,

this drama has been going on and on for so many years now. going by the pattern there is no reason for being surprised by the content of the affidavits of DG AIR and DG Doordarshan. these are very much in the expected lines. Any one who expected any thing different was either being naive or is far removed from the ground reality. some among us even have the illusion that DG AIR belongs to the cadre and she will at least support truth. I don't know why should we at all have such misgivings, her actions vis-a vis this issue in the last one year has shown no indication to suggest that she is remotely concerned about the fate of the PEXs be it Direct Recruits or Promotees. Those who know her well would tell she is one of the most selfish person around and she only knows to further her own cause and nothing else. She has never hesitated to ditch even her closest people for bettering her own chances. She has now clearly entered into a deal with Jayalal and group wherein it has been agreed that she will not go after them through this case and as a bargain she will be allowed to complete her tenure as DG smoothly. What if in the process the legitimate and genuine interests of hundreds of PEXs have to be sacrificed. Moreover, she does not have the courage to stand up to the wrong instructions from the seniors and brains to scrutinize the wrong and mischievous submissions from the corrupt administrative staff.

as regards DG Doordarshan, in spite of her outward facade of being righteous she is culpable to pressure from above like any one from her tribe.

the CEO has taken a smart stand that this does not concern him. But still he wants to hinge on as the CEO and enjoy every bit of PB and suck it from within till a more greener pasture is found.
MIB is hand in glove with the Producers and is only working for their protection. Logic being dished out is how can we dislodge such senior people. However the real reason being they have been bribed and bribed handsomely.

So friends, we have no hopes. This is going to lead us no where. No amount of affidavits and counter affidavits are going to bring you anything excecting for wasting our time . Sriniwas Sharma died we all shall follow him to the grave. He never knew that he has run out of time. Neither do we know how much time we all have. It may be much much less than what we all assume. Nothing and absolutely nothing will come our way the manner we are approaching the issue.

If we really have the courage then we should make one last attempt by coming out on the street, stating in unequivocal and in no uncertain terms that all those who are sitting above us including the DG AIR are illegal appointees and we all refuse to take any command from them. Let's tell them we want no promotion but we shall also not work under those illegal persons hence don't promote us but immediately bring them down. Let's do Dharana , gherao the DG, CEO , Secretary, take out marches to residences of MIB, PM or President House , jail bharo , hunger strike etc.Let's all bring the whole system to a grinding halt. Let's be prepared to match fire by fire. Let a chaos dawn in the organisation where all those fellows described above are questioned by the political leadership and Government about the reasons and let them be held responsible for their failure to manage the organisations . In short let them be dumped. They can no longer be allowed to have fun while we suffer. Let an emergency convention of AUPO be held to take decision urgently.

It may require supreme sacrifice. If we don't have the courage to tread this course let's drop everything and be reconciled to the fait accompli. Let's not fool ourselves and others.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Salute to Shri Niwas Sharma & his efforts

Friends, though i have no communication skill in english bt due to sudden death of Mr Sharma we have a great set back to movment of justice bt what his family has lost we cant understand. I always observe in Delhi there is crowed of employees of other cadres who have been appointed on comashnate grounds dispite no RRs. Our true help will be that when we will able to adjust his family members in AIR or DD. Pls manage your contacts for his family. Further , regarding review DPC ,I understand tht nothing seems to be positive only due to our peple coverdness. People want results on the basis of telephone calls. If realy want some thing huge leagal fund has to be created only thn some positive can be expected though courts. ........... Pramod Mehtaa

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mukkaddar Ke Sikander